bike friendly

This is a list of bicycle friendly, local businesses in downtown and the central corridor that welcome bicyclists and have ample bike parking. If noted, these places also offer a discount if you ride your bike.


Angel's Trumpet Ale House - 2nd Street and Garfield

FilmBar - 2nd Street and Garfield

Cibo  - 5th Avenue and Fillmore

Songbird Coffee House - Roosevelt and 2nd Street
They don't have a bike rack (yet), but you can bring your bike inside.

Carly's Bistro - Roosevelt and 2nd Street

Scratch French Cafe - Roosevelt and 3rd Street

Pallets Food and Bar - Roosevelt and 3rd Street

Crescent Ballroom - 2nd Avenue and Van Buren

Phoenix Pubic Market - Central and McKinley

Matt's Big Breakfast - 1st Street and Garfield

Lola Coffee - Roosevelt and 3rd Avenue

Pita Jungle - Roosevelt and 3rd Avenue

Co+Hoots - Washington and 11th Street


Phoenix Art Museum - Central and McDowell

Shine Coffee Vernon - Central and Vernon

Clarendon Hotel / Gallo Blanco - Clarendon and 4th Avenue

Urban Beans - 7th Street and Osborn


Lux Central - Central, S. of Campbell

Citizen Espresso Bar - Central and Highland

Hula's Modern Tiki - Central and Highland

Frances Vintage - Central and Camelback

Stinkweeds - Central and Camelback

St. Francis - Central and Camelback

Windsor and Churn - Central and Oregon
Bike rack located near the patio

Federal Pizza - Central and Oregon

Postino Central - Central and Colter

The Yard - 7th Street and Montebello

SunUp Brewing Co. - 3rd Street and Camelback
Big bike rack in the back parking lot, under the mural.


Spoke and Wheel - Central, N. of Butler at the Arizona Canal trail
Discount: Enjoy all day happy hour if you ride your bike